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VICTOR & ASSOCIATES is a full service law office specializing in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Administration, Guardianships, Elder Law, Medicaid and Real Estate Matters.

We are committed to providing the highest level of professional legal services. We deliver highly personalized services with the utmost degree of ethics, integrity and quality.

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Applying for Medicaid?

We can help you preserve your life savings and still qualify for nursing home Medicaid. An Attorney can help you:

  • Plan for long term care costs
  • Understand the eligibility requirements
  • Determine if Medicaid is needed, and if so, complete and file an application correctly and timely
  • Follow through with all necessary legal steps and improve your chances of receipt of Medicaid assistance.

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Melissa R. Victor

Melissa R. Victor is a well-respected attorney in Southeastern Massachusetts. She is an expert in the areas of Estate Planning, Probate an Trust Administration, Guardianships, Elder Law, Medicaid and Real Estate matters. She graduated from the State University of New York College at Oswego in 1994.


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I would highly recommend their services.

“About 5 years ago, you helped our family with our parents estate/trust. We were so grateful to you for your expert help and the compassion you showed to us. We really appreciated your thoroughness and guidance.”


I would not hesitate to recommend this firm.

“Melissa helped me finish a long time case I’ve been trying to wrap up for years. She was completely understanding, professional and worked very diligently to the end and I’m so grateful! Highly recommended!!”


They helped me get back to a place of being comfortable.

“Melissa reaches out where it matters most – in your mind and heart. She builds a relationship with you fast, to last; seemingly effortlessly – it’s his human nature and star quality.”

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Are Living Trusts valid in all 50 states?

Yes. A Living Trust is valid in all states and in most foreign countries.

Can I borrow against the assets in the Trust?

Yes. The Trust does not restrict your rights to borrow on assets in any way.

Can I appoint a minor child as my Successor Trustee?

No. The minimum age for a Successor Trustee is eighteen years.

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